TREK pays each member by viewing Advertisers Ads. Once each week Trek will run a payout. This will occur sometime between Tuesday-Thursday. When you have $5.50 or more then you can request a payout via PayPal. Once TrekPay receive the payout request the monies will be deposited into your PayPal account within 7 days.

Earning money is easy with Trek. The more active you are, the faster you get to our maximum payout. A member is awarded credits each time they do one of the following.
  • When a member does a search and visits one Treks Clients websites, credits are given.
  • If a member refers another person to TrekPay or Trek Advertising they are awarded credits. Each Week Trek will share in its profit by placing a dollar amount on each credit. The more credits you have earned the higher the payout.
  • Another way to earn is "sales Commissions"
  • When a member is credited with a sale from Trek Advertising they will receive an immediate deposit into their back office account.
  • A member may earn $50 dollars per week with our credit system.
  • However, earnings for commissions are unlimited. TrekPay are currently paying 12.5% of each sale directly to the original referrer.
TrekPay operates differently than other search engines, Trek actually target the Ads on every Client's websites. Trek Clients have been asked to describe the type of advertising they display on their websites and when a search is requested a list of websites with Ads that match your search will be displayed. You are invited to go to these websites and click on these search related Ads. Trek Clients make money from showing you these Ads. Trek in turn make money from these Clients and "profit share" with all members. The higher your ranking the more you can earn.

  1. First you need a PAYPAL account (about PayPal)....CLICK HERE to create one. Skip this if you have one.
  2. Click the banner on top  or CLICK HERE here to join TrekPay... enter your information, you will need to input your paypal account in this stage.
  3. Save & you're done! You can edit your information anytime at ACCOUNT menu.
  1. Click BROWSE/SEARCH menu.

  2. In this page you will be prompted with LINK/s with instructions/details on how to earn a credit.

  3. Click the LINK/s so that you may view advertisers site. TIP: Stay their for 20sec to 25secs or more. Browse the site then click some SPONSORS ADS if available.
  4. If you see the SPECIAL 'T'  ICON (image below) CLICK it you and will be given bonus points but if you miss it you will be penalize.

  5. Do the same with other links until you consumed it all.
  6. Thats it, you have been credited. REMEMBER the more you participate the more credits will be given so go back to TREK and Login from time to time to check LINKS are available for view.
  • Only one(1) account is allowed per household. Trek from time to time will run an IP comparison program and will disqualify/suspend/terminate cheaters.
  • Click the SPECIAL ICON placed on clients page to get bonus points else will be penalize. Too many penalty points and you will be suspended/terminated from the program.
  • A member must have a PayPal account in order to be paid
  • $5.50 minimum payout.
  • Cashout through PAYPAL after 7days.
  • 12.5% pay on direct sale to original referrer.
  • One Trek account per household.
  • The more you participate the more credits.
So SIGN-UP now! Do something you already do and GET PAID.

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